Athens is a modern capital, able to offer both necessary conveniences and rich experiences, as well as massive opportunities not only to its permanent residents, but also to any of its guests. The city’s rich history, culture, unique architecture, mild climate, splendid beaches a stone’s throw away from the City Center, in addition to the vibrant nightlife, have turned Athens into the most popular tourist destinations of Greece and into one of the top destinations in Europe.

Once in Athens, any traveler will have the opportunity to admire its’ history and culture in dozens of the city’s museums, cultural centers and archeological sites, scattered around Athens. He or she will rub shoulders with world heritage monuments, will explore major cultural monuments of the Antiquity, the Byzantine and Ottoman periods, but also will appreciate the sight of neoclassical and modern buildings.

Just a few kilometers away from the urban jungle of Athens one can find breathtaking beaches with crystal clear waters, enjoy a swim or watersports, and sunbathe. At the same time, anyone living or staying in Athens can visit the closest islands – Hydra, Angistri, Poros, Aegina. Or, the other option would be, to go on dray trip e.g. to Korintos or Evia, either by car, by train or with an intercity bus.

The tourist traffic in the area is constantly increasing, with more than 5 million tourists visiting Athens every year. This fact, along with the price drop in real estate that occurred in the recent years, dramatically increased the investment appeal of both residential and commercial real estate.

Investment appeal of the real estate market of Athens and Attica

Investors from all over the world are financing projects both in Athens and the surrounding areas of Attica, namely in:
• commercial properties in the City Center, Piraeus, as well as in the Southern coastal front suburbs and Northern suburbs
• purchase of coastal residential properties in Attica, mainly as vacation homes
• purchase of coastal residential properties in the Southern Suburbs of Athens
• purchase or development of new tourist accommodation units in the City Center or in the Southern Suburbs
• purchase of houses in the Northern Suburbs
• purchase and renovation of apartments in the City Center and Southern Suburbs

Why invest into real estate in Athens and Attica?

Affordable real estate prices: An investor can find substantial offers both in new and old buildings in different areas of Attica. Should one be looking to buying coastal residential property in Athens, or residential or commercial property in the City Center – one can count on a wide variety of houses for sale to satisfy any investor – whether big or small.
The cost of living is one of the most affordable in Europe: Athens is a modern European capita with affordable cost of living, especially compared to other European cities. Here one can find services of the highest quality and exquisite products – all at very reasonable prices. Thus. it is no surprise that in the recent years Athens has also become a quite popular destination for medical and gastronomic tourism.
Vibrant city with limitless choices: Athens is a very vibrant city with a wide choice in food, entertainments, sports and cultural events. Theatres, cinemas, concert venues, sporting events, festivals, conferences, educational institutions, clubs, restaurants – anything one could imagine or wish for entertainment and recreation can be found in the capital.
Modern infrastructure: Athens, with 5 mln. permanent residents and 5.5 mln. visitors from all over the world, has all necessary infrastructure to ensure an excellent quality of life for everyone. The city has an excellent and modern transportation network, hospitals, schools, universities, telecommunication services, fast Internet connection, and all other elements that make the life in a city easier.
A safe city: Athens is one of the safest big cities in Europe. The local residents are hospitable and amicable, there is still a sense of community in the local neighborhoods, and the crime levels are fairly low.
For anyone interested in real estate investments, Athens and Attica are safe options, promising safe and high-margin profits, especially compared to other European capitals. The market still has many offers, at low prices and rather high profit margins.