About the company

DKG Development is a rapidly evolving company in the field of Real Estate – Development in Greece, staffed by a team of professionals that hold large experience in the field of real estate development and the sectors of design, construction, renovation, home management, business premises, tourist real estate, and industrial installations.

More specifically, our team consists of experienced and qualified experts (real estate appraisers, civil engineers, architects, economists, lawyers, etc.), and works with leading professionals in various fields, in Greece and abroad.

We undertake projects all over Greece, in direct or indirect cooperation with multinational companies and hedge funds, as well as with individuals.

Our philosophy :
The philosophy of our company is to construct buildings that will improve residents’ lives, and serve as reference points for their surrounding area. We create high-end aesthetics buildings, using durable and lasting materials.

We invest in development and innovation, aiming to create unique, timeless constructions. We use cutting-edge techniques and technologies to optimize the use of light and improve the energy efficiency of the building. We approach each construction as a whole, adding value to the building by meeting economic and environmental goals. For us, the sustainability of each space, the comfortable and enjoyable stay, the functionality, the safety, but also the aesthetics of the constructed building are of utmost importance.

For us, the client’s needs are always a top priority and we aim in responding to them with the same commitment and dedication, no matter the size of the project. We invest in interpersonal relationships, based on honesty, respect, consistency, professionalism and corporate social responsibility.

At DKG Development :
We undertake the construction of any property, no matter how big or small it is, with the same passion, applying the same quality standards and aiming for the same high-end aesthetics.

We approach every new project as a whole, from finding the potential investment, and designing – constructing the site, to providing business consulting and property management. We stand with you every step of the way, taking care of your interests as if they were ours.

We invest in innovation, in the uniqueness of the architectural proposal, in innovative methods of construction and new materials.

We adhere strictly to the time and financial frameworks we have agreed on, maintaining a high level of construction quality.

We trust only highly qualified and experienced executives to create successful partnerships and provide our clients with the best possible service.