The goals of the company DKG Development for 2020-2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many companies from all kinds of sectors to adjust their plans. Let’s see through the example of a young company, led by major experts in the property development business, how the priorities of private enterprises change, while major EU economies are marking time till things go better and the global recession could last longer than expected. Konstantinos Petridis, DKG Development Managing Partner, states, that for 2020-2021 the company set goals, which aim not only at the well-being of the company itself, but that of each of its employees and the market in general. The company plans on focusing on the social component, on the support of its employees. According to Mr. Petridis, in times, when the country is going through an economic crisis, it is vital for a social business not only to retain its employees, but to concentrate on the employees’ growth and development, by giving them opportunities to expand their knowledge, skill and abilities. And this plan exactly shall be implemented by DKG Development. As to the business processes as such, the management of the company is quite optimistic.

“Of course, all current projects will be completed and, as required by the market demand, we will choose new undertakings. Right not we see the best potentials in southern Greece. 70% of all effort and funding the Company plans to invest in residential properties, and 30% into commercial property”, says Konstantinos Petridis.

DKG Development also plans to gradually expand into international markets. In 2020-2021 the Company plans on opening a branch office in of the European countries.