Trust the experts

According to experts, the existence of the so-called bubble in the market becomes apparent only at the moment when this bubble bursts. For example, despite the fact that the Greek crisis has become obvious even only after 2 years since the beginning of the global economic crisis of 2008 and has lasted for at least 8 years, many people have understood what has been happening only when they have started to calculate losses and have faced a decrease in demands.

 “DKG Development” company is always trying to explain in a clear and simple way to its clients- investors that the Greek real estate market requires special attention and any decision should be made only after consultation with experts in the field of economy and real estate.

However, the main market dynamic indicator is, in effect, the behavior of investors and property owners. Subsequently, if there is a sudden panic in the market it is necessary to find out if there is any “bubble”. When this bubble bursts in most cases those who face the biggest problems are the ones at the top who are usually not market professionals.  More specifically, in most cases, these are investors who have made decisions without consulting with market experts before that.

In this case, in order to avoid the risk of finding yourself at the very top of the next “bubble”, it is suggested carefully monitoring the market and consulting with experts of the Greek real estate market.

By DKG Development experts!