Coronavirus impact on the tourism sector

Quarantine! International tourism suspended.

International tourism was suspended in April due to quarantine measures and travel restrictions imposed by countries in order to curb the spread of the coronavirus. However, despite the gloom and doom atmosphere prevalent in the industry today, everything can change in the blink of an eye. History shows that the travel industry is quite resilient and can recover very quickly after a crisis.

Development will depend on the duration of restrictions!

At the moment, experts refrain from claiming to make accurate predictions. It is obvious that any development will depend on the duration of restrictions and flight suspension, as well as on any security measures that will be taken in the future. There is, however, a unanimous opinion that after a long-forced quarantine people are going to be more eager to travel than ever.

Tourism is expected to gradually return to normal. In the current situation, however, the countries that have successfully coped with the pandemic and prevented the spread of the virus are in the winning position, with Greece definitely being one of them.

The largest German newspaper “Bild”, for example, in its main article “Where You Can Go on Vacation in the Summer Despite the Coronavirus,” proposes Greece as one of the safe destinations this year. The article also refers to the Greek Minister of Tourism, Haris Theoharis, statement, who notes that Greece intends to continue its successful policy of coronavirus containment in order to earn the trust not only of its citizens but also of its visitors.

The restrictive measures have been partially lifted since the beginning of May. However, large hotels in the cities will be among the last businesses to reopen. According to the minister, Greece will be ready to greet its visitors in June. However, any agreements, both at the European and bilateral levels, on the rules that all tourists should follow for security reasons will be taken into account.

Greece has taken immediate actions to cease the spread of the coronavirus.

There was also some positive news from Russia. According to information published by “Tourism Today”, the association of Russian tour operators notes that the current epidemiological situation in Greece is one of the most optimistic in Europe and they have high expectations for the resumption of tourism in Greece. In addition, Tez Tour Greece director, Dimitris Haritidis, emphasizes that Greece has taken immediate actions to cease the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. Furthermore, for more than 3 weeks no cases have been detected in Crete, Rhodes, Peloponnese, and other popular tourist destinations.

The quarantine will end.

It is expected that the quarantine will end in May, with shops and other facilities returning to the normal. Hotels have also prepared for the start of the season, but it all depends on when the countries sending tourists to Greece will lift their restrictions, including restrictions on international flights.

The novel pandemic has undeniably changed the plans of many people worldwide. However, the coronavirus slowdown constitutes a glimmer of hope not only for avid travelers but for all of us who just want to enjoy the warm sun and sea and recharge our batteries. It is hard to find a better place than Greece to combine all these activities.

There is something else that should not be overlooked: times of heightened uncertainty can lead to great opportunities for profitable investments. Thus, it is perfect timing to invest in the Greek real estate market, both on the mainland and the islands.

Undoubtedly, the tourism sector will recover soon after the pandemic. In addition, the country’s performance over the last two years in this sector -33 and 31 million people visited destinations in Greece in 2018 and 2019 respectively- only confirm the profitability of potential investments. There is now a special opportunity for investing your hard-earn money in Greece. DKG Development experts can apply their expertise in order to help you secure a profitable investment.