Agricultural business in Greece

Greek food and agriculture have always been two of the leading export sectors in Greece with a strong presence in Europe and a growing presence in the US food markets. Greek companies easily enter global markets and occupy strong positions, thanks to the competitive advantages of Greek products. The variety of products produced in this country will leave no-one indifferent: from fragrant olive oil to flour products, golden honey, semi-finished meat products, and even ready-made meals.

 Although nowadays agriculture accounts for only about 3.6% of the country’s GDP, it is expected that over the next years the food & agriculture sector in Greece will grow and become a significant contributor to GDP. This development will be driven by several key market trends and competitive advantages, such as a shift to organic and natural ingredients and the prevalence of the Mediterranean Diet as a paradigm of healthy eating across the world.

In addition, Greek producers utilize limited access to high-quality resources so as to stand out in the world of food producers. As a result, they get a market share with higher costs and higher prices.

 It is worth noting that Greek agriculture constitutes a new type of investment in Greece. As far as foreign investors are concerned, it is a great possibility to get profits in the eurozone. Several large Greek and international investors are already striving to increase the competitiveness of the Greek food sector. In order to achieve this goal, they transfer production to more valuable crops and invest in innovative products and packaging technologies.