Residential property

Residential property

What are the ingredients of a happy life? Surely, a comfortable home is among the basic needs, where one can get proper rest, cook food in comfort, spend a pleasant time with family and friends.

If we speak about residential property abroad, one could add to this list also the ability to work productively. Because even if you buy real estate in Greece, it doesn’t mean that you can immediately find a job there, for one would need totally different grounds for that.

Those, who are looking for residential property for sale or houses to rent and who end up actually buying a house in Greece, usually already have a steady source of income – either a business, a freelance job, investments, to all of which one would eventually need to attend to remotely from home.

A modern home is a virtually multifunctional space. That is why, if you want to find a house or apartment of your dream and buy residential property or real estate in Greece, you would most probably pay attention to several factors. The main factor is the size of the home. Depending on how many people a home should house, the requirements as to its floor-space become stricter. If your family has children, then it is important to have a comfortable space for them to live and develop, without limiting the space the grownups need to rest and work. The floor-space of apartments can be different and the crucial factor is definitely the apartment layout, which can give you the feeling of space even in a downtown studio apartment. Small apartments in Greece often have a layout that allows them to remain fully functional, irrespective of the minimum floor-space. For example, the living room space is combined with the kitchen and is a walk-through room, from where one can get to the bedroom, the bathroom, and the balcony. Thus, even if the floor-space is minimal, one can still have a feeling of living in a two-bedroom apartment. Balconies and terraces help expand the living space. They become important since these spaces allow you to create personal recreational space amidst urban residential zones.

If we speak about residential and non-residential apartments, we should say that in Greece considerable attention is paid to the arrangement of common-use spaces. A severe parking shortage on the narrow streets of the big cities is compensated by parking spots on the ground levels of residential buildings, where one can often also find postboxes of the residents. If there is enough space, parking spots are created near the residential buildings. Communal entrance hallways are cozy places, spacious elevators with big mirrors are a common occurrence here.

Another type of residential property that Greece has to offer, which is rather popular among wealthy foreigners, is villa. To buy a villa in Greece means to procure a much bigger space and freedom of movement than you could ever get as an owner of a downtown apartment. Lawns and big land lots are available to owners of villas, as well as detached homes and townhouses (all of which are houses with land). The Greeks are fond of arranging the courtyard, turning them into oases and ideal places for rest. All newly relocated foreigners inevitably get infected by this passion. Many houses for sale already have a well-kept surrounding, which increases their attraction. Yet, there are also those foreigners, who are looking for land lots for sale in Greece, in order to build the house of their dream from scratch.

The opportunity to sit out on a balcony or terrace with a glass of refreshing retsina wine with a view of the sunset at the end of a hot Greek day – this is definitely a bonus that an owner of real estate in Greece will for sure gladly receive. The view from that balcony or terrace arguably plays a key role.

The sea, the Acropolis, the Mount Athos, an urban park, a seafront, the ability to watch a sunrise, or a sunset – each person has his/her own dreams about the home in Greece, a unique picture of the view from the window.

Most importantly, Greece is a place were almost any dream related to real estate can become true. Highest quality residential property can be found in old parts of the major cities, and it is here where you can get the views on historical sights of universal importance as a bonus if you decide to buy the property. There Greek real estate market offers apartments and houses, townhouses, and villas with a sea view, both on islands and on the mainland.

To find an option suitable for any, even the most sophisticated taste, find a houseland lot, buy them, all this the property development companies can help you do. They offer both ready-to-move-in residential properties with services and amenities of the highest quality – from the front door and entrance hallways, to the smallest details of the technical fit-out of the turnkey homes. Local and foreign investors are eagerly taking part in the projects, offered by property developers