Why somebody seeking to invest in real estate in Greece should choose to work with DKG Development

Property development in Greece is mainly the business of private companies, while the big scale developers deal mostly with the development of the country’s infrastructure. Property development in the country is strongly controlled and regulated on all stages, from project creation to realization and putting into service. However, each and every property development company has its own characteristic features, shaped by the professional level of its experts who are involved in the projects, the approach of the management to customer consulting and customer support.

DKG Development is a young property development business. What is it that should convince a foreigner, who wants to invest in Greek real estate, to choose the Company among others as a partner?

DKG Development is a family business, founded by professionals with over 10 years of experience in the property development market. This experience was gained while working for the biggest developers in a period of one of the worst economic crises, which makes this experience invaluable today. The Company was launched at the end of 2019 and aimed at accumulating the experience of its founding partners. Of course, the decision to set up a company was also fuelled by the ambitions of its founders. After having worked for many years in the industry, they have reached a high level of expertise in property development and wanted to set up a business of their own, which would fit into their picture of a perfect property development company.

Furthermore, in Greece, a good name in the business community is of immense importance.

“The Company’s name – “DKG Development” – uses the initials of its founding members, each of them being known as an experienced professional. The core of our Company is primarily our team, individuals, their reputation. We are not hiding behind a fancy name, a brand, and we are hands-on in each and every project, consultation with clients, we guide them all way through the project, and at the same time we have both the financial and moral liability in respect of each project”, says Konstantinos Petridis, Managing Partner.

Currently, the Company is developing a number of projects, including investment projects, which are still open for new investors, who wish to become business partners in projects, that can start paying off already in one year’s time and bring stable long-term profit afterward.

The plans of the property development company, led by high profile experts, focus on the development of residential and commercial property in the southern parts of Greece, as well as setting up a branch office in one of the European countries. The founders of DKG Development consider the crisis to be a time for opportunity and growth, which should be taken advantage of. Such an approach will definitely benefit both the Company and its business partners – investors, who will profit and grow along with DKG Development.