Residence permits in the times of the pandemic

The EU borders opened at the end of June 2020. The validity terms of the documents that give the foreign citizens the rights to remain within the territory of another country, will be extended if such documents became invalid within the lockdown period.

In the majority of the countries special programs are in place, that allow to obtain a residence permit by investing into residential or commercial real estate, land lots. Each of such programs has its special conditions.

According to expert opinion, prior to the pandemic the simplest way of obtaining a residence permit was the Greek “Golden Visa” program, the participants of which could receive a residence permit after purchasing real estate of a minimum of EUR 250,000. Afterward, the residence permit could be prolonged each 5 years subject to the residence permit owner still owning the respective real estate. Those, who would sell the initial real estate, just needed to purchase new one to remain in the program.

Foreigners, who could not afford to participate in the program on the said terms, had another choice, namely rent residential real estate of a term not less than 10 years.

After the COVID-19 outbreak the said residence by investment program was suspended, yet, according to the local press, the Greek Government plans to relaunch the issuance of residence permits in the nearest future.

A foreigner holding a residence permit or having the citizenship status in Greece is entitled to open a business in the country, which business also may include renting out the property, purchased by such foreigner, as well as subleasing the property rented by such foreigner. The minimal price of real estate in Greece (per square meter) is EUR 2,000.

Italy announced that it would automatically extend the validity term of the following documents:

  • IDs, that expired during the quarantine;
  • Documents and licenses that expired during the period from January 31 through April 15, 2020 (the validity term of those documents is extended through June 15, 2020);
  • Car insurances issued within the territory of the EU to foreigners holding residence permit in Italy;
  • Car insurances expiring on July 31 are automatically prolonged for 30 days.

Foreigners wishing to prolong their residence permits in Italy can commence the respective procedure after June 15, 2020.

An application for either a French visa or residence permit can be filed online with the respective consulate. Such applications will be accepted from students, individuals in industrial worker jobs, as well as individuals applying for family-based immigration.

The validity term of long-term national visas, issued by France, as well as work visas, that expired from March 16 through May 15, 2020, has been automatically extended for another 3 months.

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