Countries of the world most hit by the COVID-19 pandemic

Countries of the world most hit by the COVID-19 pandemic

What do we think of the pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic could have revealed a certain pattern: the ability of a country to fight the spread of the virus is in direct correlation with the level of the economic development of this country, the level of development of its health system and previous experience with epidemics.

What do we know about the pandemic?

However, the facts speak against this conventional belief.

For example, the numbers, that are constantly being updated on the Worldometers website reveal a statistic, that confirms the falseness of such opinion.

According to the data as of the end of June 2020, the total number of COVID-19 cases in the USA had reached 2,286,439, while in Brazil the number of cases was 1,009,699. At the same time in Italy, 238.011 people suffered from coronavirus, while in Iran and Chile 200,262 and 231,393 cases were registered respectively. Let’s look at some more statistics from the same period in the table below.

Total number of COVID-19 cases:

Country Cases
Russia 569,063
India 395,812
Great Britain 301,815
Spain 292,655
Peru 244,388

If we speak of the deaths caused by COVD-19, we need to say that at the said period in San-Marino there were recorded 1,238 COVID-19 deaths per 1 million of the total population, while in Belgium this number was 837 and in the UK 626. The lowest death rate was registered in the Netherlands, with only 355 COVID-19 deaths. More statistics are shown in the table below.

Number of COVID-19 deaths per 1 million of population:

Country Deaths
Spain 606
Italy 572
Sweden 500
France 454
USA 366

Main conclusions.

The main conclusions that can be drawn from the above statistical data are that a high GDP cannot prevent neither a wide spread of the virus nor high death tolls from an epidemic.

The force of the pandemic can hardly be tamed, let alone perceived. And it seems that the most likely scenario is that it is not going to be restrained, but will rather fade away.