Greek real estate market tendencies after the coronavirus pandemic

Greek real estate market tendencies after the coronavirus pandemic

Sometimes it takes only one factor for the wind of change to start blowing for the real estate market. Today there is a series of factors that in conjunction can create the necessary conditions for a “perfect storm” in the real estate sector.

Generally, the COVID-19 expansion and, as a result, the decline in the economic index, has created uncertainty for investors. It is precisely for this reason that it is vital for one to choose a trusted and reliable partner.

“DKG Development” Company is always ready to keep up with the current trends and technological development. It is crucial for one to realize that significant changes in the market always create new, unique opportunities and directions.

For example:

Student housing

Annually a large number of students, not only from Greece but also from other countries, come to the Greek capital in order to study. The main characteristics of the investment in student accommodation are high returns and low market entrance. The high liquidity of the acquired property is also worth noticing. In other words, student property owners can always sell their objects relatively quickly on the secondary market, if they want to. At the same time, it should be emphasized that the increase in demand for student housing is not strictly limited to the capital, but also exists in other parts of mainland Greece and its islands.

– Mixed-use development

The integration of many- functional spaces in one building has proved itself to be the most optimal technological and economic solution. That is why the design and development of construction that provides more than one use or purpose within a shared building by combining both communal and private spaces is, so far, a comparably new, attractive and rapidly growing field.

Construction of the multi-purpose building has numerous advantages, mainly:

  • Optimal use of land and better energy efficiency and sustainability
  • Unit cost reduction due to the construction size
  • Possibility of flexible transformation, if the competition in the market increases
  • The targeted audience has multiple reasons for visiting the building
  • High investment attractiveness of the project, thanks to the reduction of risks due to the diversification of investments (investment in different types of real estate)

In this way, changes in the real estate market due to the COVID-19 pandemic are inevitable, but it is important to remember that any changes create new opportunities for investment and business growth.

DKG Development’s highly skilled professionals keep a close eye on all developments and can help you to draw up the most profitable investment plan.