Greece in the times of the pandemic

Greece in the times of the pandemic

Greece, that was previously often mocked by its European partners as a country, that had been stuck in a years-long crisis, is currently showing the world community a great example of how swift decisions should be taken to curb the COVID-19 crisis.

Today Greece, with a population of about 11 million people, is much behind its economic competitors in respects of the coronavirus cases and those, who were lost to the virus. As of June 26, 2020, the statistics were the following: total number of cases 3321, of which 191 died. These numbers are negligibly small compared to those across Europe. To put that into context: in Italy, Spain and France COVID-19has taken a total of 58,000 lives.

The level of responsible citizenship and coordinated actions, that aimed to fight the spread of the virus, turned Greece almost into the usually letter-bound Germany, were, as is acknowledged, that fight against COVID-19 is on a very high level. The Greek Government admits, that such low numbers are a result of the disciplined approach of the citizens and their eagerness to fight the spread of the virus. Greece’s Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis launched the elaboration of the plan on the anti-coronavirus safety measures back in January 2020 and:

  • set up a virus control committee;
  • instructed the employees of sea ports and airports to give briefings and information to their passengers;
  • instructed the Greek medical community to closely work with their colleagues from Europe and around the world.

Greek Health Minister Vasilis Kikilias has ensured the global community that the restrictions put in place due to the coronavirus pandemic will be eased, but Greece will not back down from the planned measures that are aimed at preventing the second wave of COVID-19.