Mortgages and loans for EU-residents and non-residents

Applicants, living in most EU countries and wishing to obtain a mortgage loan for non-residents, can count on the financing of up to 70% of the purchase price or appraised value of a property. The mortgage loan condition can be much dependent on the financial standing of the applicant and the applicant owning investment property in the country of residence. Nevertheless, for example, Spanish banks offer a maximum term of the mortgage loans in Spain for foreigners, bother residents and non-residents of the country, even if the country of their residence is a non-EU country.

This means, that for example Swiss and British clients, wishing to obtain a mortgage loan for foreigners after Brexit, will enjoy the same regime as in the EU. This will depend on how the Brexit transition will be completed, given that one of the key factors, which ensure the receipt of the maximum available mortgage loan is the ability of banks to compensate for the loss of assets in the country of origin of the applicant.

For example, Spanish banks deem the residents of major EU-economies as priority clients. Their previous experience shows that it is the EU-residents who are the most solvent. Special attention is paid to the residents of Scandinavia, given that according to the statistics it is them who adhere to all terms and conditions of loan agreements and are almost never behind with payments. The fiscal capacity of those countries and their stability, along with precise paperwork, help banks establish the credibility of the application. All this is crucial for the desire of creditors to advance loans.