Investment Services

Investment Services

Find your next successful investment, working with us.

Looking for a way to invest your money? The Greek real estate market is a safe and promising sector with unique opportunities in real estate development, especially in areas such as tourism, culture, entrepreneurship, holiday homes, logistics services and more.

The Greek real estate market is one of the few remaining markets in Europe where there are still high-profit margins. Suffice it to say that 2020 real estate prices in Greece are on average 21% lower in comparison with 2007 prices. This, coupled with the steady increase in tourism, and the generous incentives designed for the development of the construction sector, pledge the maximum return on investment.

DKG Development is here to help you make your next successful investment in the real estate market, starting from scratch, by covering all stages, from design and implementation to delivery and utilization.

Our team is staffed by highly experienced executives (engineers, accountants, lawyers, economists, notaries, brokers), and works with a network of trusted associates to cover extra services that may be required.

We stand by you every step of the way, providing the best solutions for every emerging need.

Investment step by step
DKG Development follows a well-designed process for finding, developing and utilizing investment property, based on our team’s many years of experience in this field. The is how we “build” our investment services:

• After discussing in detail with the prospective investor, we determine the parameters of the investment,
such as the size of the budget, the type of property, its use, the time horizon of the investment (long or short term), the location and so on.
This is how we define our investment strategy to meet the expectations and potential of each investor.
• Our development department tracks down investment opportunities and prepares a cost-benefit analysis for each of the potential investments.
• Our company’s executives monitor all legal, financial, architectural and other parameters of the investment.
• We prepare all the documents and follow all the necessary procedures so that our clients can get the property they want in the allotted time and the expected condition.

Investors from around the world choose DKG Development to trust their property investment plans.

Our experienced executives work with a network of reliable partners to guarantee the best possible outcome!