Peloponnese is one of the most picturesque, historic and multi-facetted regions of Greece. A land of milk and honey that was home to the most crucial historic events and the birthplace to cultural tradition, it is rich with unique natural landmarks, local products of exceptional quality and distinctive cuisine.

The size of Peloponnese and its geomorphology surely make it stand out. Mountains, lakes and rivers, plains with olive and orange groves, vineyards, magnificent beaches, traditional mountain villages, remarkable archeological sites, well-preserved castles and Byzantine monasteries, tradition that has its roots in Antiquity.

Peloponnese has important urban centers, such as Patra, Tripoli, Kalamata, Korinthos, Pyrgos. All of them are modern city with an up-to-date infrastructure, offering to its guests and permanent residents a wide range of options. At the same time there are many smaller towns, towns and villages both on the coastal front and in the mountains of Peloponnese. It is this diversity that has turned Peloponnese into a favored destination all year round.

Peloponnese is connected to Athens and the rest of Greece via a modern road network and daily flights.

Even though Peloponnese was one of the last regions of Greece to invest into the tourism sector, it is obvious that the economy of Peloponnese has entered tourism for good: every year the tourist flow numbers are breaking one record after another and the investments into tourism sector are increasing exponentially each year.

  1. Why invest in Peloponnese?

In the recent years Peloponnese has emerged as the investment El Dorado of Greece. Given the major new tourist units, a vast number of public infrastructure project and the expansion of the real estate market, Peloponnese is definitely the right place for investments with high financial returns.

• has a rapidly growing tourism sector.
• has a developed internal market.
• becomes a center of attraction for new large-scale investments into the tourism sector and infrastructure projects
which are expected to result in an even more rapid growth of the real estate market.
• provides an opportunity for investment into a wide range of sectors with reliable returns.
• has a broad network of professional and highly-skilled personnel, that ensure the highest level of services on the island.
• has many offers of properties (land lots, running businesses or residential properties) with high profit margins.
• has modern infrastructure (hospitals, schools, universities etc.) and a mild Mediterranean climate, which make it an ideal place for anyone from the silver economy

Provides opportunity for investment in various types of tourism products, namely:
• nautical tourism
• sports tourism
• spiritual tourism
• wine and gastronomy tourism
• medical and conference tourism
• rural and mountain tourism

The properties offered for sale in Peloponnese are of the widest possible range: from large hotel units, seaside houses, houses in mountain villages, apartments in apartment buildings, commercial property, land lots, villas, one-family houses etc.

The Peloponnesian real estate market is in abundance of properties for sale, and therefore any investor can choose a unique offer with high profit margins. Buying both residential and investment properties on Peloponnese is a safe investment with a secure profit margin, yet it does not require of the investor to commit big investment capital.