Project Management

Project Management

Project Management is at the heart of a wide range of comprehensive services around investment property management, in which our company specializes in.

At DKG Development, our experienced and trained partners can:

1) either implement a real estate development and management project, from concept and design to construction and operation 2) either participate in its implementation, implementing a part or parts of the process required for its completion

Managing a property project, such as the construction, renovation or conversion of an investment property, is a highly demanding process, requiring the implementation of a series of planned actions and sub-programs while making effective use of time, space and financial resources.

Our team of experts is here to provide you with complete Project Management services, whether you are an owner, contractor or investor. At DKG Development we undertake the design, organization, control and oversight of all the sub-stages required to accomplish such a project.

We provide complete Project Management services around investment property, from finding the property in demand, building or transforming it as requested, and managing its operation after completion and delivery.

More specifically, our services include:

• Specifying the objectives of the construction
• Clarifying technical specifications
• Planning of time and economic planning
• Bringing together the right team to take over the implementation
• Preparing the preliminary and the final construction plans
• Optimizing construction plans
• Conducting cost and quality control of the materials
• Supplying the materials
• Supervision of work, timetable and finances
• Risk management and project insurance
• Preparing progress reports on a regural basis
• Monitoring and supervising the project delivery processes
• Providing support after the delivery of the project

When implementing a project we use modern design, organization and management tools to meet the highest demands, regardless of the scale, location or complexity of a project.

Coordination of human and material resources, accurate knowledge of client’s needs and requirements, compliance with contract terms and adherence to a specific timetable and budget is of prime importance to us.

We have the experience, know-how and human resources to deal with emerging issues in a fast, practical and efficient way, making sure that the provided solutions are cost-effective and budget-friendly.

At DKG Development we have successfully managed a range of projects, from small to very large, and from simple to highly complex, through which we have established a long-standing relationship of trust with our clients.